The Harrington Group

Harrington Group did an exemplary job in performing this service. The Safety and Environmental Management Branch was elated with their performance and superior quality of their reports. We would not hesitate in awarding Harrington Group another contract of this nature or in a related field … GSA Region 2 highly recommends them … — Thomas C. Adams, General Services Administration

Litigation Support

Engineers at Harrington Group are often called upon to provide expert support after a lawsuit has been filed, and we work closely with our clients to separate fact from fiction. Our fire experts can help identify those opinions, conclusions, and allegations that are not based on solid scientific and engineering principles. For example, in a recent case a plaintiff’s expert used a complex computer fire model to demonstrate the hazard created by a unique fuel arrangement and protection scheme. Using the very same computer model, we were able to demonstrate how the results did not change when a standard fuel arrangement was used, thereby invalidating the plaintiff’s allegations.

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