The Harrington Group

Harrington Group’s technical knowledge, combined with creative approaches to individual project issues have many times provided cost/time saving solutions to our clients. I would not hesitate to recommend Harrington Group to anyone when their services are required. They approach every task, large or small, with consistent professionalism and attention to detail while meeting the client’s needs. — Michael B. Randall, AIA, Randall-Paulson Architects, Inc.

Fire Safety Audits

A fire safety audit is a physical survey of an existing building or partial building area. The purpose of the audit is to identify and quantify various fire threats to life, property, and business operations. A fire safety audit also seeks to identify and quantify various defenses against those fire threats.

The results of the audit are carefully analyzed. Any significant weaknesses in the fire defenses are identified. Specific solutions to correct these weaknesses are developed and then optimized for cost and function. The building owners and, if applicable, tenants and stakeholders, are usually involved in the process of optimizing solutions so that their objectives are understood and satisfied.

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