The Harrington Group

Client Services

Design & Consulting

Design and consulting services vary widely according to the client’s need, from a relatively simple sprinkler design to a highly specialized AFFF foam/water deluge or FM-200 gaseous fire extinguishing system. Sophisticated code analysis or computer fire modeling is often provided to satisfy a client’s need. The primary objective of design and consulting is to provide cost-effective, reliable defenses against the threat of fire for life, property and business operations.

Loss Investigation

Loss investigation is the process of performing a thorough examination to make an accurate determination of the origin and cause of the fire, identify contributing factors, and recommend actions to prevent future occurrences. Failure analysis of fire protection systems may also be performed if they did not effectively defend life, property or business operations against the fire threat.

Property Loss Control

Property Loss Control (PLC) engineering is a specialized field applying engineering principles and skills to the task of minimizing risk of loss to property. Harrington Group provides expert PLC engineering services primarily to property owners. Our services are unbundled and completely independent of any insurance underwriters.