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San Antonio Fire Investigation of Idle Plastic Pallet Fire Reveals Code Violations

Posted on Thursday, September 6th, 2012

An August 17th warehouse fire that burned for six hours is being investigated by the San Antonio Fire Department. The fire shot flames and smoke into the air in a warehouse that stored approximately 35,000 plastic pallets. While firefighters were on scene battling the 3-alarm fire, explosions could be heard, possibly from the transformers the full article

What Can A Fire Protection Engineer Do To Help During a Fire Loss Investigation?

Posted on Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

Fire protection engineers are a vital asset in fire loss investigations. With a broad range of expertise related to fire dynamics, building construction, codes and standards, and fire protection systems, few are better suited to evaluate fire protection system performance, code compliance, and fire reconstruction scenarios than a fire protection engineer. System Performance Fire the full article

Questions Attorneys Should Ask During A Fire Loss Investigation

Posted on Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

In cases of fire loss investigation, many questions will come up. For example: What started the fire? Did the fire spread? What materials played a role? Did the fire protection systems work right? Was the building constructed and maintained to code? These are good questions that should be asked, but they don’t necessarily get the full article

Fire Protection Engineers For Lawyers

Posted on Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

The difference between winning and losing a fire loss case might hinge upon the scientific principles applied during the investigation. The more complex the issues, the more difficult it can be to demonstrate that scientific principles were applied in an appropriate (and acceptable) manner.  If it comes down to a difference of opinion between the full article

The Role of the Fire Protection Engineer in Fire Loss Investigation

Posted on Thursday, March 2nd, 2006

By: Phil Friday Introduction More and more, fire protection engineers are called on to act as the primary investigator of fire losses. Fire protection engineers have historically been regarded as special experts, called upon to analyze code issues, investigate fire protection system failures, and support cause-and-origin experts. However, recognition by the fire investigation profession the full article